Cosmic Rift - The Muffs

Welcome to the early development of magical world of Cosmic Rift - The Muffs, a colorful and adventurous universe where children aged 3 to 6 can immerse themselves in exciting and educational stories. In each episode, we meet the main characters MoonPuff, Stump, Tide, LavaLurk, and Oak who live on the peaceful and fantastic planet Perisson.

MoonPuff, a curious and kind creature, leads the group of friends on their daily adventures. Alongside Oak, a wise and loyal friend with deep brown fur, Stump, the cheerful and energetic one, Tide, the creative dreamer, and LavaLurk, a playful antagonist who always brings excitement, they explore the various corners of their home planet.

Cosmic Rift - The Muffs is not just a series of entertaining stories but also a source of inspiration for the youngest viewers, encouraging exploration, creativity, and learning through play.


Each episode of Cosmic Rift - The Muffs is a standalone story that focuses on friendship, cooperation, and the discovery of new and exciting places on Perisson. Children learn valuable lessons about helping one another, solving problems, and the value of diversity and acceptance as they follow the characters' adventures.

To remain inclusive and universal, the content of Cosmic Rift - The Muffs is carefully designed to be religion-neutral and apolitical. This ensures that the series is accessible and relevant to children regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds.

In one episode, MoonPuff and his friends might learn about the importance of honesty when they discover a lost treasure. In another, they might learn about friendship and cooperation as they work together to build a new home for one of their new friends. And in yet another, they might explore themes of environmental conservation by cleaning up their beautiful yet vulnerable forests.

Despite their differences, The Muffs share a strong bond and a common love for their home planet. Their adventures always culminate in positive resolutions and a sense of community and joy.


TV series

Synopsis - Season 1: The Muffs: Magical Adventures

The Muffs: Magical Adventures is an animated children's TV series that takes the audience on a magical journey into the depths of the planet Perisson, a bustling ecosystem and home to the charming, furry creatures known as "Muffs."

Muffs reside in peaceful yet hidden communities within the massive cavern that makes up the planet's interior. They are bound to the land in a way that makes them the natural protectors of the planet. Unaware of the complex dynamics existing outside their sheltered environment, they lead an idyllic life. However, their world takes a sharp turn when human explorers begin to deplete the planet of its valuable energy, threatening both the Muffs and the planet's other inhabitants.

Through 26 episodes of approximately 6 minutes each, The Muffs: Magical Adventures challenges young minds to consider the importance of environmental conservation, the power of collaboration, and the value of standing up for what one believes in. The series is a delightful blend of adventure, mystery, and heartwarming moments, all wrapped up in a colorful, imaginative universe that children will love to explore.


The music and sound in The Muffs will not only complement the series' magical and adventurous atmosphere but also incorporate recognizable musical themes and sound elements from the overarching Cosmic Rift universe. This contributes to a sense of connection and wholeness, allowing fans of Cosmic Rift to experience a deeper layer of immersion when watching or engaging with various parts of this expanded world.


In the extension of The Muffs and the larger Cosmic Rift® universe, SkyMagic™ plans a series of games aimed at deepening the characters and their adventurous world. Each game will target different audiences, game mechanics, and approaches, but they will all share a focus on core values such as collaboration, adventure, and integrity.


Merchandising is a critical component to expand and capitalize on the success of The Muffs and Cosmic Rift universes. It not only provides an alternative revenue stream but also offers a unique opportunity for fans to engage more deeply and personally with the series.

From physical products like clothing and toys to digital experiences and live events, a wide range of merchandise can enhance the series' characters, themes, and universe.