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To craft exhilarating and impactful experiences for children and families by sharing action-driven stories with a blend of heart and humor. Through our flagship projects, COSMIC RIFT® and COSMIC RIFT – THE MUFFS™, we aim to create memorable narratives that resonate and stay with audiences for a lifetime.


We invite you to be part of our journey.

SkyMagic Group AS is setting the stage for a comprehensive 360-degree media platform, aimed at capitalizing on intellectual property rights for substantial commercial success. Our leading initiative, COSMIC RIFT® is a TV series primarily targeting the 13+ demographic, set to captivate a wide- ranging audience. Additionally, THE MUFFS™, tailored for children aged
3-7, expands our reach into younger audiences with its engaging, age-appropriate content.

The expansion of the COSMIC RIFT® universe is planned across various mediums, including mobile and console games, theme parks, merchandise, animated films, and full-length movies. Similarly, THE MUFFS™, will extend its presence through merchandise, interactive games, and possibly animated content, creating a robust and diverse portfolio.

To bring these visions to fruition, SkyMagic is proactively seeking collaborations with strategic partners.

Key goals include securing production deals with major streaming services. We plan to create dedicated companies for each platform, ensuring focused content development from 2024 to 2028, with direct investment opportunities for partners.

Financially, SkyMagic is targeting key markets, including the toy market and the international gaming and merchandise sectors. From 2025 to 2026, the focus will be on developing, producing, marketing, and distributing a range of toys, games, and merchandise related to COSMIC RIFT® and THE MUFFS™.

Our strategic roadmap encompasses securing a production deal with a leading streaming service, initiating a significant equity offering, investing in SkyMagic Group, and the new gaming-focused company. Collaboration with financial partners, leveraging funding programs, and exploring the creation of separate entities for each platform are pivotal elements of our


Our ultimate goal is to establish SkyMagic as a prominent international brand through effective marketing, strategic partnerships, and agreements with distributors, retailers, and licensing partners. The success of this venture will hinge on market reception, secured deals, the competitive landscape, and our ability to achieve international acclaim.


ESPEN SKAAR | Executive Producer, CEO, and Board Member

Espen Skaar is a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse history of operating successful businesses in various sectors, including a notable tenure in Oslo's real estate brokerage. From 2006 to 2012, he co-owned and managed six broker/service offices in the real estate industry alongside a business partner.

His transition from real estate to entertainment is fueled by a desire to blend his business acumen with a passion for creative projects. Espen is dedicated to using this unique combination of skills to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

VEMUND TORKILDSEN | | COO, Executive Producer and Board Member

Vemund Thorkildsen brings a blend of high moral standards, immense work capacity, and ambition to SkyMagic. Originally one of Oslo's top real estate agents, his transition to the entertainment industry has been marked by the same enthusiasm and positivity.

His strategic insight and operational efficiency, honed in the competitive real estate market, are invaluable in driving SkyMagic's growth and success. Vemund's dedication, coupled with his infectious energy, contribute significantly to SkyMagic's vision of redefining entertainment.

JOAR HEIDE | Chairman of the Board

Co-owner of SkyMagic Group AS.

Heide is the company's chairman and a partner in Advokatfirma Ræder AS, Oslo. He has served as chairman and board member in numerous businesses for an extended period.

Heide has extensive general experience ranging from large corporate transactions to extensive lawsuits within a broad spectrum of business areas. He has successfully served as a board member and trusted advisor for many years.

MATEUSZ WOJTOWICZ | In-house Data Expert

Our in-house data expert and digital creator specializes in transforming ideas into compelling digital experiences. His role lies in developing various visual materials for presentation as well as website data management, bringing a unique blend of analytical and creative skills to the forefront, contributing to a cohesive brand identity, and ensuring a compelling representation of our innovative vision.


Tora works as an in-house designer and tattoo artist. Her artistic talents extend beyond traditional design, as she skillfully creates unique characters and brings them to life with her distinct style. Tora's diverse background in art and design enables her to bring a fresh and imaginative perspective to her work, enriching the visual storytelling at SkyMagic.