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Producer’s Note

COSMIC RIFT® is an ambitious science fiction series aimed at the 13+ audience. Our goal is to develop this into a new IP with diverse potential for the international market, while creating a thrilling and engaging series.

With world-class screenwriters and a top-notch concept team, we have made significant progress, including outlines for the first season, a second draft and animatic for an episode, detailed character bios, concept art, and more.

We are in search of investors, distributors, co-producers, animation studios, potential licensing partners, and others interested in joining this venture.


Director’s Note

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in developing and directing content for young audiences. In the past five years, my journey included crafting a visual universe for international artist Alan Walker, encompassing over 20 music videos and numerous associated products. These videos have captivated millions worldwide, amassing nearly 3 billion views on YouTube.

This experience has deepened my understanding of young audiences' media habits and the integration of these insights into film. I've created an interactive, gamified world across various platforms, merging fiction with reality. This approach has fostered a dedicated community and fanbase, eager to engage with our creations for years to come. This understanding is crucial in creating a new series in 2024.

COSMIC RIFT® is an ideal project for applying and elevating this knowledge. The script's visual elements immediately captivated me, with settings and locations in landscapes I'm passionate about and have extensively explored.

I envision COSMIC RIFT® as a visually spectacular series, unparalleled in its execution. My approach to world-building starts with real places and phenomena, then amplifying and exaggerating them while maintaining a realistic base. For example, the volcanic lava tunnels central to the plot will reveal an awe-inspiring world, blending reality with fantasy in a way that I believe will deeply resonate with our target audience.

The series will incorporate graphics and pacing reminiscent of contemporary gaming, a style familiar and appealing to our target audience. The script’s action scenes, drawing parallels to gaming, will feature camera angles and perspectives akin to those in popular first-person shooters.

I'm dedicated to creating unique worlds, moving beyond established genre tropes. This commitment is already evident in our project's current phase, where we're defining everything from vehicles on new planets to the attire of nomadic peoples and the vegetation on hostile worlds.

Being involved in COSMIC RIFT® from the outset has been a privilege. This early involvement has allowed for a synergistic development of visual concepts alongside the series' writing. Set in 2573, the story unfolds across multiple planets, with a universe and inhabitants vastly transformed from today's humanity.

An intriguing aspect of COSMIC RIFT® is its tonal balance. While the script often ventures into dark, dystopian themes, an undercurrent of humor is always present. This blend is evident in the script and is something I intend to amplify and highlight through all the visual concepts developed for the series.



Known for his ability to animate stories with vivid visuals, is a visionary director who continually challenges creative limits. His distinct approach and dedication to enthralling storytelling have made him a highly sought-after talent in the industry.

From 2018 to 2022, as the key creative director at MER, managing the musical artist ALAN WALKER, Kristian crafted a comprehensive universe and captivating story arcs, successfully engaging a global youth audience.


The writing duo have recently contributed to THE KIMOJA HEROES on Disney+ and the reboot of the iconic TOTALLY SPIES for Cartoon Network. They have also played a key role in developing Cake’s MAMA K’S SUPER 4, which Netflix picked up.

Their portfolio includes work on beloved animated TV shows like Disney’s 101 DALMATIAN STREET, CASPER’s SCARE SCHOOL, and the ITV award-winning THE RUBBISH WORLD OF DAVE SPUD, as well as the live-action BBC’s YA series FLATMATES.


A two-time Amanda award-winning producer and screenwriter, has developed and produced several animated blockbusters, both from existing and original IPs.

His notable films include IN THE FOREST OF HUCKYBUCKY, CAPTAIN SABERTOOTH AND THE MAGIC DIAMOND, and TOTALLY SUPER. He co-produced RICHARD THE STORK AND THE MYSTERY OF THE GREAT JEWEL and the series OLLIE, among others. In 2020, Eirik established Imaginær Film, collaborating with SkyMagic Group to develop COSMIC RIFT®.

PETER DE SÈVE | Character Designer

A world-renowned illustrator and character designer, has contributed to the characters of A BUG’S LIFE, FINDING NEMO, ROBOTS, and THE ICE AGE franchise. He received a Visual Effects Society Award nomination for outstanding animated character design in ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Character Design for his work on SESAME STREET’S ABBY CADABBY’S FLYING FAIRY SCHOOL.

MARIO GROSU | Conceptual Design

An accomplished concept artist and 3D animator, has contributed to various internationally recognized projects. With a decade-long career at esteemed studios like MPC London and Industrial Light & Magic London, he has been part of productions like the live-action reimagining of THE LION KING and JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM.

EINAR MARTINSEN | Conceptual Designer

Senior concept artist and matte painter with an impressive career despite his young age.

His high-profile work includes contributions to studios like Paramount and Weta, with projects like creature design for Netflix’s TROLL and contributions to LORD OF THE RINGS: THE POWER OF THE RINGS, AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER, GODZILLA VS KONG, and the Marvel series THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER.

NIKOLAI LOCKERTSEN | Conceptual Designer

With a tenure in the film industry and VFX that spans back to the late '90s, has made his mark as a professional concept artist, illustrator, animator, and matte painter.

His extensive experience includes contributions to over 30 feature films, numerous television productions, and a variety of commercials. Lockertsen's diverse portfolio showcases his adaptability and expertise in bringing cinematic visions to life.

DYVEKE SKJØLD | Storyboard Artist & Character Designer

Storyboard artist and character designer, known for her vibrant storytelling through visuals. Her work includes the Netflix hit "ARCANE: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS", where her storyboard artistry contributed to the series' success.

Additionally, her character design skills have been showcased in "RICHARD THE STORK AND THE MYSTERY OF THE GREAT JEWEL" and "TITINA", affirming her as a dynamic force in animation design.

ALEN GRUJIC | Art Director

Known for his diverse expertise in art direction. He brings a unique perspective to his work, influenced by varied experiences, including a memorable encounter with Spike Lee in Cannes.