Welcome to SkyMagic Group, a creative powerhouse fostering groundbreaking entertainment concepts.

From the visionary sci-fi odyssey of COSMIC RIFT® to the enchanting, unexplored realms of THE MUFFS™, we craft compelling narratives with global appeal.


SkyMagic Group is at the forefront of creating a dynamic 360-degree media platform, poised for significant commercial success in the realm of IP rights. Our pioneering projects, COSMIC RIFT® and its kid-friendly counterpart
COSMIC RIFT – THE MUFFS™ are central to this vision.

Our business model revolves around producing and offering a variety of products and content services linked to these flagship series. Our offerings are designed to captivate our audience, ranging from interactive game content and exclusive merchandise to event tickets and themed apparel.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our strategy. We aim to partner with experienced industry leaders, utilizing their expertise and extensive networks to bring COSMIC RIFT® and COSMIC RIFT – THE MUFFS™ to a global audience. These strategic partnerships are crucial, particularly in our development and commercialization stages.

In the initial phase, SkyMagic Group will operate with a focused core team, complemented by external expertise as needed. This approach allows us to remain agile and responsive as we grow. As we transition into a more active production phase, especially with our COSMIC RIFT® series and related projects, we will expand our in-house capabilities, aligning with our strategic goals.

Our immediate priorities include managing creative and production processes for COSMIC RIFT® and COSMIC RIFT – THE MUFFS™ along with driving marketing, sales, and leveraging outsourced services in these areas to maximize our impact.